Monday, October 11, 2010







Happy Birthday, Jo

Hey, its your Birthday today~!!!!
Am soooo in a mood to wish you a thunder loud Happy Birthday!!!!

Pick up the phone wait, actually i haven't get the sim card to make phone calls to heaven.
Its okay, i'll ask from Big Daddy later.
And in the mean, Jo...just wait for my call yea~Don't miss it kay, cause am gona sing you a loud song~!!! Yeeehar!!!

Happy Birthday bro, love you much

A Stranger

As times goes by, i think you'r more of a stranger than a future wana be to me
Is it because of my demands that are getting higher
Or is it because of you that are hiding away from me
I don't seems to know you anymore
And you don't seems to care anymore

Just thought that....
Sometimes, maybe stranger is better than an ........

Monday, September 20, 2010

I want more holidaysssss






Friday, September 3, 2010

You, Jo

I wanted to start writing a post about you
But don't think i can make it now
Am in the computer lab here
So i guess it'll be weird if i write here,
and ter-cry alone right

Well, just wana say
I really miss you alot lot lot
especially these few days
Since last Sunday

Are you replying me?
In my dreams will do too

Love you alot

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning joke

Woke up at super early morning at 7 today, just for the usual-back-home dental check up at 8am. Aduhai dentist ah....where got ppl make appointment so early one la? And the check up only lasted for 10 mins, where the Mr. Dentist said "Gigi cantik, ingat datang buat check up 6 bulan sekali ya!" as the conclusion!! Aduhai....10 mins and a conclusion for sacrificing my sleep~so not worth!

But then, mum and myself had accidentally joked (ter-joke) this morning. We went to pay a visit for an aunty and we were on our way back to town in her housing area. Then we saw an aunty sitting on the bus stop and....

Me: "Mi mi...fetch her along~"
Then straightaway, mum just stopped the car and ajak that aunty to hop in to town. After dropping aunty at her destination, i asked....

Me: "Mi mi...who is that aunty?"
Mum: "Huh...not your friend's mum meh?"
Me: "Huh...not your friend meh...then why fetch people?"

Then we burst into a looooong laughter~~!!!!! Waliao eh....can you imagine we ter-fetch an aunty which two of us have totally no idea who she is!!! Hahahahah~omg...really zha dao~~~It was initially a JOKE when i asked mum to fetch her along, and who knows...mum really STOPPED and fetch aunty! I was thinking that time, "Ooooh....mummy knows her de yuan lai~"

Hahahahahaha~can you imagine that? I'll count that as a blessing for us la, to fetch that unknow aunty and she get to her destination earlier. ^^

Dinner @ Penang

Was thinking what to eat for dinner last Sunday....and initially, we wanted to go to Ipoh for some curry noodle and fuity ice mix. But then, some better idea struck my mind and there we were, in Penang~!!! Hehe

*sorry ya gor...not wanted to dump you, but then i really wanted Penang more than Ipoh that time*

As usual, we headed for the all time favorite food-Chicken Chop, which is also a must food for Ong ZuYin. It was not a fancy restaurant or cuisine, but i tell won't regret tasting this food! And of cause, what really excite me more is the $$$~It is so not expensive compare to other places okay, can eat as MUCH as you want for a very affordable price. ^^

Black pepper chicken

Chicken Gordon Blue

Well after dinner, how can one miss the chance to snap as-many-photosss-as-you-want there? glad to have a high-energy-level dad that volunteered to be my photographer~well, i give him 9/10 for his skill! Hahaha...but then hor, the too pro thing not really suits him la~lols, just like me. Am so not a tech savvy person!

I like this Me, looks so girlish :)

Focus is on Me okay

I'm flying without wings~
*this is the #5 or #6 take cause dad suddenly confused with my phone and people were looking

And at last, i decided to do a self take photo (quicker and easier)

This looks dark cause Wei Lin not only refused to brighten it, and he criticized it too
"where got ppl point at the light to take picture one", he said

This is so cute~Hahah...taken outside G Hotel, so creative man!

And lastly, can you spot me?

The Arabian couple was like "What is she doing?" when i took this photo. And it ended up, they were so hyper taking photo with this G~~Hahahahha ^^